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    I did’nt pay much attention, but is there any other localization than English ?

    If no :
    As BB is highly textual, I do see it could be a problem in the long term if you want to spread the game more widely… Considering its already overwhelming quality, it would be a shame not to ;).

    I don’t know if you can afford professional translators, or even if you want to. Another way would be to rely on the help of the growing community – with the spelling dangers it carries.

    What do you think ?

    PS : I personally would be eager to give a free hand with French.

    Avatar photoRap

    We’d like to support additional languages further down the road but won’t be able to do so anytime soon. Reasons are resource constraints and the game still being in a very fluid state where we constantly change out texts and try different things. The fact that many texts in the game are procedurally generated also doesn’t make translations any easier. No promises here.

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    Avatar photoBlyska

    Nobody’s asking for promises here ;).
    But as far as I understand texts are procedurally generated by mixing up complete sentences/groups of sentences, which could easily be translated without breaking the whole feature.
    For example -correct me if I’m wrong- characters backgrounds are created with three distinct parts that are randomly picked. These parts are designed to fit well with each other (quite tricky I guess), but have a sense on their own.
    I don’t see how it would make translations harsher… The constant changes/updates is clearly more problematic in my opinion, you sir do make a point ;)
    (The system is actually pretty brilliant by the way. Works very well !)

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