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    So I bought the game today and it’s really cool, but there is a bug or maybe rather an inconvenience that happens to me.
    Basically, when I save the game or start any fight, the loading screen stays for like 30s to a minute.
    During that time my cursor turns into a spinning circle, and if I click when that happens, a window pops up.
    It basically says that the game is not responding and gives me two options – either to close the game or wait for the program to respond.
    Is there any way to fix it? :)

    Avatar photoLaskowik

    Are .rar files not permitted or something?

    Avatar photoRap

    Are you using Avast by chance? Another player reported the same issue, and only completely deinstalling Avast solved it for them, as it apparently prevents the game from saving properly.

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    Avatar photoLaskowik

    Yup – the problem is connected with Avast. I didn’t have to uninstall it completely, though. Just had to turn it of while playing the game.
    Thank you for help :)

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