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    please oh god this – There is still loot do you wish to leave YES OR NO, i know it sounds daft but i did this twice much to my annoyance just left my spoils
    love it so far
    also some sort of enemy indicator – bandits seen around here maybe if they have been a while
    compass on map
    where is my supporter helmet?

    bugged equipment from combat became unequipable

    Avatar photoGOD

    A warning message will get implemented eventually, though the focus right now is on bug fixing.

    The helmet is missing because they misunderstood how DLC is implemented. It may take a couple of days before it’s available.

    Avatar photoBinkus

    Great stuff guys keep up the good work, this is the style of game outside of M&B i have always wanted to see

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    I definitely support that feature request. I forgot to take my loot more than twice out of four battles. That is really annoying and reduces my gaming experience quite a bit. A warning message would be great!



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    I am very forgetful. I have re-fought 3 battles due to this! But than again… I did better in each replay so maybe you should leave it out… hmmm…

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    We are right on that sucker! We try to fix the loot issue as soon as possible.
    On a side note, the supporter Helmet should now show up ingame when you start a new campaign (at least thats what steam told us :))

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    Avatar photoBinkus

    Great fix guys, in fact just the job
    I for one and my hide money sack wish you well fellow adventurers

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