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    It seems you don’t get to loot every weapons anymore, but if you pick them up in combat you can keep them. Is this working as planned? Personally I don’t like randomized loot.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    So when after the fight with 21 skeletons I have not received any weapons in the loot, I asked about this topic in the discussion of the patch. Paul said that this is by design. Apparently their dissatisfaction with this fact, we will have to leave with us

    Avatar photomrbunnyban

    I think you should at least get things which are dropped by on the battlefield perhaps it already works this way). Otherwise the mechanics creates this pick-me-up minigame, and I’m not sure that what the developers want.

    Avatar photoJaffai

    My orginal observation was wrong. When u kill someone, u can hover ur cursor on body and see if weapon was dropped or not. no need to pick up stuff.

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