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    I tried to search for an answer to this one, but to no avail. In game, I had a unit who happened to be a bit on the fluffy side, and had the trait of fat. After a while into the game, he became “Fit” and he gained some stats from it and of course lost the fat trait. I’ve started a new game, and I have a character who is dumb and another who is clumsy. Are these also traits that can be replaced with others, and if so, how might I go about getting better ones? I kind of figured since clumsy has a -5 to melee I might could get rid of it by placing that guy on the front and just have him kill enemies via melee combat to perhaps get rid of the trait. Heh, cruel, I know… but he must learn! Any feedback, guys?

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    That kind of thing is very rare and random. I once had someone lose the dastard trait (starting at wavering morale) after getting his fifth perk or so, but it didn’t happen the other times a waverer got that far.

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    Hmm… Interesting. Thanks for the info, though. At least, even if it’s a slim chance, I can hopefully get an event that turns their traits into something positive. I wish there was a way to just help them hone their weaker abilities by placing them into positions to increase the likelihood of them losing negative traits.

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    I’ve had this happen a couple times already. I had a drunkard for a recruit and after he lost one of the inventory items the game gave me a multiple choice. I chose the harshest of the choices which was to “whip him into shape”. This choice changed his drunkard attribute to where he was no longer a drinker.

    If you carry to many rations then gluttonous recruits can become fat by over-eating, also recruits can start fat. To change this you need to carry less food <100. This will make sure you mercs do not over eat and become fat as well as making the fat mercs fit.

    If your character is afraid then try raising his resolve to reduce the chances of being spooked.

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