Topic: Make the world pause when exiting a city/town/etc. again?

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    Would it be possible to leave a city/village/citadel to a “paused” world as it was way back when?

    Yeah, it’s picky, but I still haven’t grown used to the clock ticking as soon as I leave a place.

    The odd thing is, that whenever I finish a battle, the game time is always paused. I guess I’m just slow or something. I just hate to be losing that time while I reorient myself on the world map.

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    It’s not a huge deal, but I do like the way that mount and blade does it where it’s paused any time your not moving unless you hold the space bar. That would be my preference, but I’m sure others have their own opinions.

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    This would be a nice simple touch, I’ve burned a lot of daylight forgetting to pause on an exit, something minor but simple to solve I imagine.

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    perfekt for this XD

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    in favor of a checkbox in options menu for those of us who prefer to pause the world time when exiting town,
    and hopefully, this would fix the time-skip issue in ironman mode on slow PC toasters.

    Avatar photoNed Stark

    If it’s not too much work (and I don’t believe it would be), then I’d love to see this added as well.

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    Still would love to see this in the game for sure!

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    Why was it removed? :(

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