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    You guys should definitely put some sort of Tabard system into the game. Make it so you can buy Tabards made for your men, kind of like how for certain houses their footmen all have the same tabard over their armor of that houses color. You could make it so whatever your emblem or pattern is on your banner you could have it made at a tailor or something so all your men can look uniform and not so much like a ragtag group of soldiers of fortune.

    You could make it as follows in the interface of a tailor:

    A) Choose your model of said tabard
    -More than one option such as sleeves or not
    -Maybe even a hood for archers

    B) Choose colors for the tabards and Emblems
    -Multiple different designs for the tabards, maybe some for higher ranking Battle Bros. then maybe a standard issue one for newer guys, depending on their level and how long they have been in the company

    Avatar photoshould be studying

    Sweet idea. I just posted a similar comment about customizing shields at armorer’s shops in a very similar way. Visual cohesion wins battles. Period. ;D

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