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    1) dismissing indebted costs money. It should not. Might argue that there should be a possibility to SELL indebted on the citystate market.
    2) Positive events that grant stats are firing on the indebted, effectively wasting them.
    3) indication of who is indebted and who is not. Its tiresome to keep track of who is where when you shift injured bros, switch gear all the while honoring the 7/9 average fight composition.
    Just too much extra stuff that I should track with out of the game tools.
    4) overal XP sink in the form of death of indebted and their 25% penalty leads to much slower progress. indebted XP penalty should grant an equal buff to non-indebted?.
    5) interaction with the cultist’s conversion is unclear.
    6) I may want to keep some indebted even with the permanent injury. Some slightly damaged asstes are good assets regardless of being crippled in some way. A trigger\checkbox would be nice.
    7) average indebted HP is too low. 5 more would do wonders. (or a way to buff it w/o spending lvlups, you know feed some dudes better, doubling/+50% their ration consumption?)
    8) indebted should have possibility to be 46-ish max Ratt to fill lowskill ranged role as well. They may have “shooting” backstory after all. (deserters, poachers, etc)
    9) A possibility to convert a bro into the indebted. heavy morale hit to non-indebted. [to meet a composition req\to sell\to express extreme frustration with some brother’s conduct].
    10) A possibility to promote indebted to a free man? Chance of a good brother departing (?) but possible stat boost, removal of level cap, introduction of wage.
    11) adjust “value” of the indebted. It seems that parties refuse to attack a horde of people on caravan escort duty.

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    This event lacks manhunter-specific option.

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    Proposition to fight gladiators with lvl-7 capped-gimps is laughable.

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