Topic: Manually adjusted wages and financial bonuses

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    Avatar photoMike

    BB’s a game about managing a merc company, seems strange to me that the crucial part of it is left to an algorithm and an occasional random event.

    If I have a disgruntled sellsword and a coffer full of coins, why wouldn’t I simply throw some money at the problem? For that matter, ALL the “brothers” are basically mercs, so giving out generous gifts or pay rises should be more than welcome. And why not? After all it’s their sweat and blood that got me the coins in the first place. And if I’m too mean they have ways of showing their disapproval.

    The way I see it it’s another layer of the mood and resources puzzle. It’d let you spoil the company in times of plenty and help you save up some cash for a premium item or when going gets tough.
    Doesn’t seem too hard to implement either as the mood architecture is already there.

    Avatar photoHuman Warlord

    Well you can always make them “drunk with the company” in some tavern.

    Avatar photoMike

    I can also get them a variety of food, lead them to victory in battle, fulfill ambitions, etcetera.

    All different ways of boosting their mood and all completely beside the point risen in the topic.

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