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    Just want to ask you guys some questions:
    1) if is it much effort to roll out a options menu for current map generator with a some options?

    For example, to generate bigger/smaller map than current with more/fewer towns
    set a number of towns with acces to harbor.
    Without much ajustments to current algoritm of generation.

    1.2) to iterate on the map generator/UI if needed:

    If 1 is not much effort. Is it possible to link more/fewer than 3 noble houses to a map? Guess the list of relations is not set in up to default of 3.

    1.3) Not really expecting to even to be considered, but: if 1 and 2 are done, to have “patterns”. clustered/scattered towns, 2/3 clusters or “kingdoms”, islands etc.
    Or iterate on noble contracts to not (always) send you on other side of the map.

    2) To add more battlefield assets? Like distinguish battle in crypt/cemetery/town/willage/ orc/hobo/brigand camp?

    3) To add “deployment” phase” when you have battle map generated but before the turn 1.
    If you are attaking to give option to pick the place of the fight (by rotating the map, 4 options present) to prevent suicidal hill charges, or single file advances thru the forest, or start in the middle of the marsh, while gobos are shooting from the dry hills.
    Someting like rotate map, 3 tiles deep from the front, to place archers on hills (like AI does) or do not place dudes in pits (like autoplacement does)
    As current enemy is adjusting to your deployment, and you have no option but to eat bolts from 2 elevations diff on start/ or start in muck/or have direwolves/gobcav to pile on your dude that started in a pit.

    Avatar photoMartijn

    I really would like to see the option to add more Noble Houses, possibly all… I would love to collect their knight’s helmets.

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