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    In marketplace after buying first item crown amont doesn’t change (but stil counted) and display correct amount after second purchase.
    It looks like this:
    — entering town Crowns owned = 1504
    — entering Marketplace, Crowns = 1504
    — buying food for 36 crowns, displayed Crowns = 1504, coins sound and animation played.
    — buying ammunition for 79 crowns, displayed = 1389, as should be.

    ps: nothing weird in log file, thus not attached.

    Avatar photoRahziel

    No, this problem really exist and it’s related to provisions counter or provisions itself.

    This is how to reproduce:
    1. enter a Town
    2. enter Market
    – here you can actually make any purchases except for provisions and it works as intended, but take note of money –
    3. Buy any provision market had itself (you didn’t sell it)
    4. counter didn’t update, but crowns deducted
    5. Buy one more provision
    6. counter updated, but show number related to entry #4
    7. exit Market
    8. counter updated, now it shows real amount of crowns, related to entry #6.

    You also can simply buy something else instead of doing entry #7, but take note of crowns cost of item and amount deducted.

    Avatar photoRap

    Fixed. Thanks for the thorough report on how to reproduce this :)

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    Avatar photoRahziel

    Still something wrong with it..
    I sold for 60 crowns some Smoked Ham which was about to spoil and crowns counter updated only after leaving Marketplace.

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