Topic: Massive, run ending design oversight (undead siege contract)

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    The NPC militiaman AI is very poor, I assume on purpose to depict their lack of combat experience. They’ll often rush forward regardless of the situation similar to thugs and their archers will pay little heed to friendly fire. The problem is that during the undead siege contract you are stuck with a bunch of allied militiamen you cannot directly control, and who WILL run forward and die. Even if you try to rotate them out and put your men in danger so they live, they’ll eagerly go around the flanks and get perforated by legionary pikes or weidergangers. If one of the waves has any necrosavants this is a guarantee that all of them will be fully nourished by the braindead militia and the game even guilts you for them dying in the event text despite that nothing could be done, but this small issue pales in comparison to what has just happened.
    For the first time ever ive seen a wave be nachzhrers instead of standard mixed undead blob. 8 size 3, 6 size 2 and 8 size 1, 22 total. This tough fight is kicked off by 5 of my NPC allied militiamen rushing forward to get eaten whilst the two marksmen in the back are helping the enemy by spamming aimed shot to kill the size 1 nachzherers so they can be conveniently gobbled up by their bretheren, resulting in even more size 3 nachzherers and a total company wipe. This is on day 80 expert with PM origin.
    When defending settlments from raids its possible to have npc militiamen join you, and in those cases the player is able to directly command them. Would it please be possible to add this to the undead siege contract as well, or at least have an option to tell the garrison to stay the hell out of the company’s way?

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