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    Medical supplies not adding to global stock..
    This happened after the battle with a Bandit’s Camp, where I didn’t have enough space to loot everything, so I took money and repair tools along with everything else valuable stuffing inventory 99/99, while leaving behind cheap stuff among which were 2 Medical Supplies.
    After closing post-battle screen I opened inventory from worldmap and there were these Medical Supplies which should be left behind.
    It must be an Auto-Loot option’s doing, where it worked after money and repair tools were added to global stock, thus opening several more slots for loot and then making it possible to add the stuff which didn’t fit before.

    After that my company marched to nearest town, some time passed, some things were eaten making an open slot in inventory, but medical supplies are stil there – not adding to global stock.

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    I’ve seen something similar involving equipment (weapons and armour) in the past, which may or may not be related to the same underlying issue. It was nothing to do with auto-loot, since I had it disabled. Also, the inventory wasn’t even close to full when I took the loot. But certain weapons and armour remained stuck in the inventory and couldn’t be assigned to any character. I think it was possible to repair and sell them, but not to make use of them. I thought I knew what had caused it, but I was unable to reproduce it in the same campaign or in a fresh one.

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