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    Minor things, i got to have a larger play through, and bear in mind these are minor things nothing major

    the skill trees other than Utility tree could really use some organizing, archer skills are few and far between. possibly even some weapon specialization trees

    when you look at your current mission the cancel contract is at the bottom call me picky but usually close is the bottom option to avoid cancels by mistake

    the difference between easier and normal seems to be a world apart on easier you can get various armour here and there, on normal i couldnt even find a suit of chain mail for sale in any tower town or castle this was from a 3 day play through

    in battle i would like to see a load option you know when it all goes south and it saves button clicks and wait time

    movement around the map, some terrain is a little buggy walking across open grass land near a mountain i was at mountain speed even through i was several player distances away from the mountain, rivers are a pain for this movement should flow around the river rather than come to a complete halt tens of pixels away from the nearest water

    map movement – this one is an old gamers suggestion on map movement – rather than slow down the player so i have to watch him move painfully slowly across various terrain why not speed time up – for example i am crossing a mountain rather than grind me to a halt why not just speed up the day night visual and npc map movement, a bug bear of mine

    shop selling if i accidentally sell an item i would like to purchase it back at the same price until i leave the settlement also with this an auto sort of inventory whilst in shop

    while recruiting i would like to see the skills displayed on the character e.g short as well as the profession maybe some idea of his base stats weapon skill etc

    i think fatigue just needs the slightest tweak all down just a fraction at the moment my hardened warriors are all the equivalent of 80yr old asthmatics, in combat (from my extremely nerdy past can vouch you can wear armour for a long time before you start especially with adrenalin and excitement) just saying just give them a little more fuel in the tank before they sprawl about on the floor

    when a caravan arrives at the town maybe something to reflect the shop refresh would be a nice touch

    if you knock out an location on the map eg old hut why not have some options to raze or leave it (not mission related) you could store troops here etc make it a base of operations

    I know it is early days really enjoying the game

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