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    So I’ve had a brief look in the game’s files and discovered it’s actually rather simple to mod things like art/graphics and sounds/music but anything to do with the code is beyond me…

    I know it’s very early days but is there any advice on opening the script files?

    And he’s a lightsaber I quickly made work in game. Unfortunately as I said, only graphics, no ignoring armour yet…

    Avatar photoactionjack

    Does it go “vooom voom”?

    Looks good. Once I finish up my current game, i want to take a look at moding too. Hopefully can do something interesting with the data file too.
    And helpful if someone made some guides….

    Avatar photoMete

    You can’t edit the cnut files for now. Not sure what they did, but looks like they are obfuscating something. Good luck trying to figure out what to do.

    They will eventually add mod support anyway.

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