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    Avatar photoSchopenhauer

    Dear Guys from Overhype Studios,

    you are dear to me :-)

    I am extremely enthusiastic when it comes the rapidly growing modding community (and a bit shocked at times by what seems to be possible).
    If what I read is correct, you even help some of the modders out (great!). At the same time I’m a bit worried that after the next DLC and with the active modding community you are returning for good to your new project (which of course will be awesome as well). But that is another topic all together.

    With modding in general, if you take a look at other games, there are always mods that are considered “must have”. It might be a bit too early as to say which ones are going to be essential for BB, but I would really like you to consider adding these ones yourself as an option (!) to the basis BB. That way mods play the role of things that are a matter of taste and new content more than improving (some) lacking (sorry ;)) gameplay and quality of life improvements.

    What comes to mind are some of the functionalities of
    “Company Formations” (by ruletot)
    “Tryout talents” (by ruletot)
    “Scoutable Locations” (again ruletot, what a guy!)
    More options to auto pause (e.g. “Mount n Blade Pause” by AdamMil01)
    and many of the often requested improvements provided by “Autopilot” (by AdamMil01)
    and more options to configurator your campaign are always appreciated (as long as they are stable, e. g. “Campaign Tweakster” by Zeros90)

    Maybe some of them could come with the official free Update along the DLC release.

    Avatar photolaViper

    Adding code from another source, author is a big deal.

    So as I can estemate, it will not be so simple and in the same time as dlc. But after, devs may be spend a bit time to extend game.

    Avatar photoSchopenhauer

    I would guess they have to implement the things on their own. Not many cases out there, where mods where directly implemented into the game by the developers.
    I am just hoping that there are some of the quality of life improvements (high on my personal list) in the update that comes with the DLC. The last free Update (with the Beasts DLC) featured some nice overhauls.

    Avatar photoHuman Warlord

    I still hope thay will add mod support someday.

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