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    (I am sorry for my English) Hey guys I,ve been playing this game a lot (200 hours +) and I think What this game needs to be even more fun is more exploration.

    so here are my suggestions

    -Bigger Map. If the map is Bigger, your travels will be more long with more events happening. thus, more fun and challenge.

    -slightly more towns, with a bigger map, we should have more towns to visit, if they are far from each other, this will make us think twice for a dangerous jurney to reach the other.

    -More Villages. More Villages means More possible recruits, more possible recruits means harder decisions.

    -Traveling with The ship must not be instant but take time.

    -Events with missions: Lets say you are in the middle of a travel, a traveling band of peasants say that a band of bandits raid their village and took all their goods, now may you find them and take those goods for your self.

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