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    Battle Brothers is and will always be about leading a Mercenary Company in a low fantasy world. Something they have said in their FAQS, makes sense after all. It takes a lot to make a great game.

    Still. I feel like there’s some other cool stuff to think about. For instance, it’s a feudal age more or less as of currently right? It’s been brought up before but that was 3-4 years ago. Serfdom, slavery, whichever word you prefer.

    It would add more flavor to the game for sure. Either as more backgrounds with “Serf” or “Escaped Slave” you know? I’d find that rather interesting and it would open more opportunities in the game.

    Another thing would be slavemasters. Orcs and Humans would definitely have a sort of slave army. Maybe goblins too. Would be cool having some variation or just fodder in these conflicts, putting down the chattel. Or maybe as added contracts, with liberating the slave camps from these factions you know? Adding in renown or even more manpower!

    Although with the blog news, it seems the new Barbarians or northmen have this sort of slavery or caste system in a way, known as “Thralldom” so I suppose that’s one example canonically.

    But I feel like it would certainly add some more flavor to an already amazing game! I know it would add more work to the devs, but it would be pretty cool and heroic like to free oppressed people under the yoke of Greenskin/Tyrannical rule.

    Your thoughts Battle Brother community?

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    I think the next big addition I would ask for is to simply be able to have more options when reaching locations and enemy camps instead of just having to rush in all the time. Sometimes I would like to scout the enemy camp first for example, and that of course would have it’s risks as well… Maybe also some contracts with more “dirty” kind of jobs as well when you have bad reputation like ambushing parties on the road and assassination contracts, today the is not much to do if you want to go dirty…

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