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    Would love to see upgrades to helmets and shields/weapons sort of like there is to armor now. Personally I’d love it if you introduced items that increased some stats. or made the character immune to fear or stun etc (I know the necklaces do that), but Im talking about something different like maybe an idol of Archery +5range attack and so on, it might be going against what the gamemakers idea of the game is though.
    In other “squad”based games I love to fiddle with equipment and such for my party, this game has so much potential to add more stuff to it, rings and amulets (it has necklaces already I know) but I cant understand why wearing a necklace prevents you from having a dog… Anyway, just my thoughts.

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    perhaps upgrading in a blackmith shop just like in dark souls? look, its just ingame economy. one person spends his gold on his things, and another one wants to waste it on upgrading his sword 5 times. if its balanced ‘in gold’ and ‘in power’ , it could be a nice addition . more armour slots could be a nice addition too along with more items necklaces, i agree but lets see what the gamedevs have in plans for the game ?

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