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    Greetings and salutations.

    I heard that further in the development of the game there will be more tactics around squad placement on the map, but until then would it be possible to add a movable roster so I can specify who goes where? Right now it is very frustrating to lose your key party members (Captain and archers for me) as losing them completely destroys the formation (I need to have my Captain first in the roster or he will start on flank rather than in the middle, same for archers as I try to cover their flanks with 2 pikemen). Although it is nothing too major (at least I hope so, I really don’t know) it would alleviate my fatal case of OCD.

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    I absolutely agree. I think even with the addition of formations, a moveable roster would have at least two uses in organizing your fighting company:

    1) organizing your troops on the roster by battlefield role: e.g., keep your sword-masters, your archers, and your shield wall together in their categories to make juggling weapons and armor between them a little faster and easier.
    2) organizing your troops by rank (possibly within battlefield role categories): e.g., you loot some sweet new armor and give it to your favorite dude. You’ve conveniently lined up your brothers based on their level/how much you like them, so figuring out who gets the top dog’s hand-me-downs and who, in turn, gets that brother’s hand-me-downs (and so on) is no longer a nightmare requiring you to jump around the entire roster comparing stats and attributes.

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