Topic: Multiple battles on same location bug

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    I’ve been able to duplicate this bug on all occasions except when you have a contract to destroy the location.

    Pause and Save just outside an enemy location,
    After the battle, don’t unpause,
    Here, you can manage equipment and save then,
    You should be able to mouse over the location and the sword icon should appear,
    If you click on it again then you can fight at the same location against the same enemy type.

    I’ve been able to quickly farm gear and levels with this trick.

    -Riecheck, Lion of the Alliance

    Avatar photoRap

    Thanks for reporting this.

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    Avatar photoRiecheck

    Anything to help!

    Let me know if you need Screen Shots or clarification on my findings.

    -Riecheck, Lion of the Alliance

    Avatar photoRexmundi

    I replicated this bug aswell.

    Avatar photoscaryned

    I replicated it as well. It’s a total exploit.


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