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    first of all, I’d like to say that it’s criminal how few people seem to know this game, even considering it’s still very early in its development cycle. So while I don’t have too much constructive things to say, I’m gonna post just to get some more posts on the forum and voice my enthusiasm for the game. I think you guys are hitting all the check boxes that I would personally put up for my dream game of this genre. I’m glad I found this.

    The hill-defending scenario was my personal favorite. It showed me how this game truly rewarded tactical thinking. At first I bashed my head in several times just going in with the default load out, getting decimated when my heavy guys fatigued too early, my other melee troops were too fragile and my arches underperformed when enemies rushed in from the cracks in my lines. I then swapped out all my archers out for lightly equipped spearmen, put better armor on the sword and axe guys and lightened the load on my two-hander guys. The battle that followed felt incredibly rewarding.

    The spearmen held the enemies at bay surprisingly well utilizing the spearwall ability, even rebounding three separate enemies multiple times during one round. When some enemy slipped through he could be showed downhill by another brother, thus regaining his ability to put his spear in position. My claymore guys never ran out of steam and swang and splat their way through the whole battle. My axemen could use their whole turn splitting shields and ride out the enemies attacks simply by absorbing them into their heavy armor. I also carefully positioned my brothers so that they couldn’t be thrust down from the hill as long as everyone remained at his place. I lost only one brother this time and I am sure I could re-enact this win without even losing that one. Actually when writing this I’m thinking of equipping some brothers with a crossbow that they simply swap out for their melee when the time comes because some axemen weren’t really utilized in the phase when the spearwall was still holding :p Love the game!

    So yeah, I am basically looking forward to working my way around more and more tactical scenarios that the finished game surely offers. I suppose that archers are going to get more important when encountering other factions, since skeletons don’t seem to take that much damage from them. Also, I’m really excited for the strategic part of the gameplay! Truly, I hope you will deliver, since I haven’t been this excited for a game in a long time.

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    Hey Antlia,
    I really enjoyed reading your after action report. It’s great to hear that most of the mechanics we implemented work out just the way we planned.
    Expect a lot more features to be presented in the next weeks.

    Thanks for the support!

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