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    Hi, here are some changes I think are necessary for the proper balancing and fun of the game, they are based on both my experience as well as by looking at what people normally complain about the game when they make negative reviews on the steam store page.

    1. The ability to cast shadows should be changed, it should need to cost 9AP to cast the shadows (casting 2 shadows, 3 on a crit roll between 1 and 10).
    2. The shadows casting range need to be limited to a reasonable amount of tiles (I suggest 7).

    They are depicted as reclusive and cowardly creatures, because of that…
    1. Increase the morale damage they suffer when another Unhold dies nearby.

    Undead Zombies:
    They are still made of flesh and bone
    1. They should receive injuries just like the living.

    Undead Skeletons:
    They still are made of bones
    1. They should have their limbs cut off on crit rolls.

    It’s a tree, trees are slow moving and clumsy…
    1. Hit chance should be lowered a lot, but the attacks should reach a bigger area all around the creature.

    1. The range of her spells need to be limited (10 for Hex curse, 7 for charm).
    2. The AP cost of Hex curse needs to be 4, and charm needs to be 9.

    And finally, the 5% rolls:
    It’s the most complained about thing about the game, and people are right about it.
    1. Implement Gaussian roll distribution (3d6 system).
    2. Or, hard code a limit to occurence of very high/low rolls.
    3. Or, remove min 5%/max 95% chance altogheter.

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    I agree with you that the undead should recieve injury, but not like the way human do. I think removing arm or leg for the undead would be more appropiate, losing arm will make zomebie unalbe to use weapon, and losing leg makes the zombie crawling so they can be easily hit. Guess the dev didn’t introduce this feature because of the difficulty on showing it though.

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