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    Hello all.

    Loving the game so far, i have done about 3 200+ day campaigns trying out different builds etc and here’s a couple ideas of mine to try improve the game.

    1: The elevation feature during a fight. Im not sure if i am missing a button maybe but when the camera swaps between mercs of different elevations it fills other tiles of either lower or higher elevations in black. This is extremely disorienting during a big battle with 30+ units fighting on different heights. Please disregard if its just me and im missing that swap elevation button.

    2: Map size. After 150-200 days you have basically been everywhere on the map, maybe there is a way you can take a boat/map exit to new locations that have different factions and environments. This way each you can have eastern themed factions or desert environments just to name two possibilities.

    3: Mercenary availability. The recruiting system to me seems a little too RNG. Is there any chance of splitting recruits into different buildings. Like hiring farmhands/beggars/lumberjacks etc from town square and sellswords/ witch hunters/ nobles from say the veterans halls or a different building.

    4: Enemy variation. There is only so many times you want to kill and orc/goblin/bandit :) vampires and such make a nice niche battle but maybe giving the bandits factions so they have different uniforms or colour variations. Im sure more variations will come over time.

    5: Hit location. Being able to choose where you want to smack someone! many times have i wanted to shoot a fleeing goblin shaman/overseer in the leg so i can run them down easier.

    6: mounted combat. Im sure this one has been mentioned before. My 2 cents is maybe make it an option when u start the campaign. But referencing above, i would like to be able to shoot the worg or the rider. Im kinda annoyed sometimes when the worg rider attacks you, dies, then the worg attacks you. Its like im fairly sure you just tried to bite me and now you get another 3 bites. Being able to have mounts or different mounted enemies might add another dynamic to the game.

    Those are my ideas anyway.


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    1. You can change what height you are viewing, I agree it can be a little disorientating though when it automatically clips the height
    2. I think the devs mentioned about having expansion packs with different eastern influences, this sounds like an interesting way to swap between the realms, especially if making the map bigger is going to cause a lot of lag. And it’d be nice if you could transfer a company to a fresh map.
    3. I wouldn’t mind recruiting different pools, but I think it works as is, since you know all the crazy stat recruits are at the castles and the cheaper dudes are at the towns.
    4. With the bandits I don’t know they need a colored uniform, as they’re rag-tag, however I wouldn’t mind restrictions on what kind of bandits spawn where, and base their equipment on where the bandits are from, like in Mount&Blade, so along the shorelines we might run into viking-raiders, the mountains with hillmen, the forests with wildmen and rebels, and so on.
    5. I don’t know I’m in love with that concept, it feels a little artificial to have mercenaries capable of deliberately shooting a limb to slow an enemy.
    6. I’d love mounted combat both for my mercs and for the noble houses to utilize, the free attack a wolf gets is very cheap I do agree, perhaps if they started stunned from becoming riderless/dismounted? And combing the health of horse and knight wouldn’t work very well so they’d have to be separately targetable entities.

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