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    So, first off, thanks for making this amazing game! It really hits a soft spot for those of us who like gritty low-fantasy :3

    Important Stuffs

    – The map and patrol missions need an overhaul. You probably heard this already, but with one faction sometimes having their towns scattered all over the map in a bad way, tools are needed to complete the patrols. A function that showed a map like most rpgs would be indispensable, or at least something that helps a player find their way( local guides, hearsay, or an arrow pointing in the direction one need to go) in time, if one wants to preserve a level on uncertainty and challenge in the map. To me it just seems annoying.

    – More variation in the game outside of events! The level, variation and writing of events are amazing, and though I hope more will come as DLC, I am fully entertained by them. Outside of events, it’s not as exciting when I have to find a Tome of Arcane knowledge for the fifth noble! Even if you added more names for the fed-ex quests, it often ends up repetitive.

    I don’t have any good ideas for new types of quests, perhaps one could add a campaign tree where you fight skirmishes for the nobles against the others? That would make balancing faction ratings more important than they are now, too.


    The game is wonderfully challenging, but needs more enemies, IMHO. Now, it’s clear that you lot love Warhammer Fantasy as much as I do, because you’ve nailed the low-down, dirty fantasy of the setting perfectly, and even the primary flavors of enemies( undead and greenskins) are much the same! Seeing as you’ve already added Cthulhoid cultist as a brother background, may I suggest a ‘Chaos’ faction? They live in the forest, want to overthrow the feudal order, and make for potent quests: Perhaps bandits or even orcs will ally or hire the player to get rid of something even scarier! Also, makes it possible to add Beastmen to the game, which would just make my day.

    You’ve probably already thought of it, but the factions could do with more unit types as well. As is, the variety in equipment keeps things somewhat fresh, but the enemies need more signature gear, and the ground is fertile for more types of green and undead.

    Odds and Ends

    Keep adding criticals if you can! The variety of crit are what really makes the grit, and perhaps you could either add more healing measures( though not too many!) to the game, or let bandages remain useful by letting plausible crits like Pierced Side, Cut Arm, Cut Leg etc. be treatable by bandage.

    One thing that could be interesting is to make skill trees different. Perhaps one per background is unrealistic, but having ‘flagellant/cleric/cultist’ be different from ‘tanky farmer/militia/deserter’ and ‘noble/wildman/murderer’ would add more needed flavor.

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