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    Hello guys, been playing the game for the past week and I can it’s already one of my favourite turn-based games.
    So here are my suggestions, probably some of those are way far from the Devs vision for the game:

    1.Diseases and permanent effects:
    After playing Darkest Dungeon, I think it would be nice to give the brothers some negative buffs, like diseases (Pox, Consumption, etc) that would hinder their perfomance until they are healed. With diseases the soldiers would use much more Herbs, but they could be healed faster with a non-combatant like a Healer or Priest.

    After some damage taken the brothers could also get amputations or some trauma effects that could be permanent. If you lose one eye your vision would get far worse, but you could use a cool eye patch! :D If those debilitations would completely hinder the brother, you could have an option to dismiss him, or recruit him as a non-combatant, make that veteran a Teacher for the new recruits.

    One particular type of effect I think would be nice, is the possibility to be infected by the various enemies of the game. If one of your brothers get bitten by a Zombie, a nasty disease could happen leaving you to sacrifice him. If one of them gets attacked by a Werewolf, there could be a chance that they are infected and they would transform into one on full moon nights, making them highly impredictable where they could attack your brothers or the enemy.

    2.Relationships between the Brothers

    If you fight many battles alongside someone you definitely create a bond with them. This should happen to your mercs, make them like or dislike each other by battle or some events. If one of your Archers accidently shoots another brothers, this could lead to a rivalry between the two, making them perform worse alongside the battlefield. But the opposite would be beneficial, if two of your brothers fought many battles, they would fight better and harder when they are together. If one of them dies, the other would feel sad, maybe their Morale could get lower, or other effect. This could make you care a bit more of whom dies or not.

    3.Potions and discardable items

    It would be nice to have some tonics, potions and maybe even drinks that you could use BEFORE a battle that would give some benefits to a skill of the mercs.
    Some examples (probably give them better names):
    Tonic of Health (+10 HP -10 Fatigue)
    Tonic of Endurance (-10 HP +10 Fatigue)
    Beer (+20 Morale -10 Fatigue) : It´s historically accurate that many soldiers fought the battles drunk so that they could overcome their fears.
    Mead (+30 Morale -20 Fatigue)

    Other items could be useful to your weapons and armor, give that sword a Poison, or oil and set it on fire!
    Poison (Bleeding Effect: Max 3 Strikes)
    Oil (Flaming Weapon: Fear effect, effective against Undead, the weapon would degrade much faster)
    Whetstone (Sharpen your weapon, +Damage, +Accuracy)

    4.Achievements, Medals and Trinkets
    XCOM:EU had a way to make you care about your soldiers, their history, achievements and even death. This could be possible in Battle Brothers too, creating a Tab with the many achievements of your brothers would be great. For example:

    Thomas, the Wichhunter
    Enemies killed: 30
    Ghouls killed: 10
    Young Orcs killed: 5
    Werewolves killed: 6

    Let´s say you have one of your mercs to kill 20 Orcs, give that man a Medal! Or a title, or even a Trinket! Collar of Orc Teeth (+10 Morale +10 Melee Skill)
    Trinkets could also be earned on the battlefield, if one of your mercs kills a Leader, maybe he can win something to remember that moment. Just like the Dotrhaki and the Norse, that they would collect the rings to show their valour, make them earn something that would make them proud!

    5.To be Continued

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    1: permanent effects are absolutely planned, incorporated in an overarching injury and dismemberment system :) It might as well stretch to include psychological traumas as well.

    2: 100% planned with our event system. Thats going to be so much fun :)

    3: Im not a big fan of consumables, as its a little micro-managy and people tend to hoard them for the great emergency which finally never happens and they sit on their stuff. So maybe, but probably not.

    4: Already on our backlog list.


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