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    ordinarily, named items aren’t supposed to be deleted from a location when said location is selected as a destination by a hard quest (three skulls). To do this, the game checks if the difficulty of the quest is below 115. An example is destroy_orc_camp_contract.nut:
    if (this.Contract.getDifficultyMult() < 1.15 && !this.Contract.m.Destination.getFlags().get(“IsEventLocation”))

    However, in most such quests, it actually checks if it’s below or equal to 115: if (this.Contract.getDifficultyMult() <= 1.15. Since tier 3 contracts can have a difficulty of 115 (this.m.DifficultyMult = this.Math.rand(115, 135) * 0.01; in contract.nut), there’s a one in 20 chance that the nameds will be removed.
    This keeps me up at night, please fix.

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    damn hire this guy

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