Topic: Necromancer Reanimating Bandit Marksman

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    After a Necromancer reanimated this Marksman, the Wiederganger Marksman didn’t know what to do, as he could not use a bow, so he simply stood still and contemplated his new zombie life while the Necromancer possessed him, died, and the battle continued to rage on around him.

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    Сonfirm. the same thing happened with arbalester.
    also need to check if will kill the raider with a ranged weapon (while he did not have time to switch to normal)

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    Dang! I, for one, would love to have the random Weiderganger raising go awry! After all, just like any other attack, there should be a hit percentage, yes? Plus the thought of Weidergangers just standing about tickles my warped sense of humor! :-P

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