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    Hello ^^

    I like the Negotiator. He’s has quite an interesting little perk. I’m thinking that the second part to his benefits might have a negative effect on ‘healthy’ gameplay. To quickly explain, it removes any player choice from the matter (other than do I want more money per head/ in advance/ when I arrive).

    That consideration is fun, and the risk of upsetting your potential employer also adds that little bit of granularity to contract bargaining which makes it good.

    While you could tell me to simply not use The Negotiator, I strongly encourage you to see it the way I do: if an addition is taking away elements from the gameplay, it may need to be altered.

    MY PROPOSAL: Still more rounds of contract negotiations, still no hit to relations whilst negotiating… but some kind of hit to relations if you fail to secure any deal at all.

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    I feel this way about The Scout too! Perhaps severely reduce the change of terrain-related negative events instead of totally reducing them?


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