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    They are broken.

    Here is a link to a dude that got a time to play it earlier.
    I fully agree with him.

    Tl;dr nightmare mdef is too high or spawn count is too high or 100% hitchance is too high. Whatever, stuff is just ridiculous.

    New alps are worst than before from BattleBrothers

    Avatar photoRap

    Despite having a familiar name, Alps are a new type of enemy. Fighting a new type of enemy requires you to learn how best to beat them, and sometimes how to beat them at all. This is true for orcs, goblins, necrosavants, geists, and most other enemies in the game, and it is true for Alps as well. Judging from the clip you linked to, that player still has that learning experience ahead of them.

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    Avatar photokem

    Yeah, I see that he does a lot of mistakes, and unprepared for the fight, example is not stellar, but the point is still valid, imho.

    Unfortunately I cannot test the fight vs 13-14 alps in a swamp (murky tiles) at night. If it is betable with acceptable degree of risk & TIME investment that is Great! And I’m happy to learn by try and error.

    But I have a feeling that it may be a case of overtuning, when stuff is scaled to MAX.

    Minimising spawn area around your bros, denying respawn by play with turn order combined with steady advance in block with a reach, +acc, and aoe weapons with finishing move of out-of-block charge & consolidation and/or throwing axes barrage to actually kill alps is a winning strategy
    *it is severely limited by the
    high Mdef of the fiends
    *100% hit chance, preventing uncleared advance
    *terrain, that may stall your advance by denying hits on fiends and extra FAT.
    Combination of these factors may tip the scales of battle to “always lose” position.

    Forests & mountains are advantageous terrain in this fight but swamp may become really messy.

    And “don’t fight alps in a marsh” scenario is possible, but not welcome, really.

    *I hope alps are still pierce resistant, as just mandane turkey-shoot is not fun.

    Avatar photolaViper

    @Rap, you have a special section – “scenarios”, what about adding new (and some old like wolfs) enemies to this sections? I think it would make estimating reworks/new enemies more proper.

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