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    As described on Steam:

    Changed the way Debilitate works. The skill is no longer an attack of its own but modifies the next attack done. Once used, the user gains a ‘Debilitating Attack’ status effect which has their next attack confer the ‘Debilitated’ debuff to their target. Missing the attack wastes the effect. This way, Debilitate can now be used with any weapon, including ranged weapons. A debilitated target has the damage it can inflict reduced by -50% for one turn (instead of receiving increased damage, as it was before).

    So now I trigger Debilitate and take a shot. If I miss, my Fatigue is wasted and my action is wasted. If I hit the targeted unit has a 50% reduced chance to hit on his turn. Between Debilitate and enemy turn, enemy could be killed. Also, his next attack might have naturally missed. Finally, a regular hit could finish him off, or simply lower his morale and also hurt his chance to hit. Am I right that 50% reduction means from 75% to 25%, not to 37.5%?

    That is an awful lot of die rolls I have to win to get this to work. I can’t see a scenario where I would ever take this Perk. I never have before and as described I don’t see why I would. Am I missing something?

    Opinion: Debilitate should lower enemy hit chance for three turns.

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    It doesn’t lower the target’s hitchance, it reduces their damage to half.

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