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    Howdy, all!

    First of all congrats, Battle Brothers is a great game! I’m a long time fan, but this is my first post.

    I had an idea for a possible new DLC (I saw that another member of the forum had a very similar one, but here is my take)

    New Faction: The Empire

    Obviously, this would be a pseudo-byzantine faction (with pseudo-ancient greek touches), and it will play on the premise, that while it is established that, the western territories of the Empire collapsed hundreds of years ago, the Imperial holdings in the East are still a local powerhouse. Map-wise it will also be a nice transition area between the Northern forests and wetlands and the Southern deserts. Also, since I am Greek, I would really like to see them in the game :P

    They are centralized, with one (or two?) big city and the rest of the settlements being smaller.

    The Imperial Faith is similar to the Old Gods of the North, but with enough differences that Northerners and Imperials consider each other heretics. They also have no love for the southerners.

    The Imperial armies have similar armors with the Undead, with more lamellar and chainmail. They make use heavy use of pikes and shieldwalls, with only a fraction of the army being shock troops with two-handed axes (they are Northemen, pseudo-Varangians). They have archers but not crossbows (simple native imperial archers, and more capable pseudo-Turkic mercenaries.)

    Possible Troop names:
    Kathaphraktos/Klibanophoros (pl Kataphraktoi / Klibanophoroi): (Historically heavy horsemen, but the name could be used in this case for the heaviest imperial troops. Alternatives could be Legionaire or Skoutatos)
    Peltastes / Akrites (pl. Peltastai / Akritai): Peltast, light or medium skirmisher
    Varangos (pl. Varangoi): Varangian, axe wielding northern mercenaries, shock troops
    Toxotes (pl. Toxotai): Levy Archers
    Mourtatos (pl. Mourtatoi): Professional Archer (historically, the Mourtatoi were archers of mixed greco-turkish background, or christianized Turks)
    Siphonator (pl. Siphonatores): This could be a rare, very dangerous imperial unit. The siphonator would use a hand-siphon (cheirosiphon in greek) to spray greek fire on the enemy, like a medieval flamethrower. A firepot-like effect, with maybe the fire “sticking” on the enemy for a few turns.

    Possible Weapon names:
    Spatha: Longsword
    Paramerion: Sabre-like curved sword
    Pelekys: Two-handed axe, used by the pseudo-Varangians (already in the game as Longaxe)
    Rhomphaia: already in the game as a weapon of the undead
    Xiphos/Gladius: Short stabbing sword.
    Sarissa/Kontos/Menaulion: Pike
    Toxon: Bow
    Sphendone: Sling
    Cheirosiphon: the aforementioned “flamethrower”. Very rare.

    Possible Armor names:
    Kavvadion (padded aketon)
    Zava/Lorikion (maille armor)
    Thorax Folidotos (scale mail)
    Klivanion / Klibanion (heavy lamellar armor)
    Skoutarion (small shield)
    Skouta (medium shield)
    Thyreos (tower shield)
    Also the Linothorax of the southerners, can also be used by the lighter troops

    Greek, Southern Slavic and Anatolian folklore provides many creatures. Anciet Greek mythology can also be used to an extent. Here’s a few examples:
    Kallikatzaros (pl. Kallikantzaroi): Mischievous south-eastern european and anatolian goblin-like creature (associated with christmas). They could have a “steal weapon” mechanic.
    Kyklops (pl. Kyklopes): Cyclopes, one-eyed southern variant of the Unhold. Maybe not as strong as the northern ones, but maybe they carry clubs or have armor.
    Lamia (pl. Lamiai): child-abducting female demon. Snake-woman, similar to a succubbus.
    Harpya (pl. Harpyai): Female avian demon. Hit and run tactics.
    Varkolak: Undead creature, blood-sucker, similar to both the vampire and the werewolf.

    I know that is not a complete idea, and there are probably a myriad things I have not considered, but I hope you will think about it.

    PS: Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes

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