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    BB is a great game. I wish to play more with it and of course some new content. I got some idea about a possible DLC that may work.

    When the Empire fall, its oversea colonies didn’t fall with it. Most of those colonies perished due to having no new blood replacing the fallen pioneers, but one stay strong and prosper. And now this last remaining glory of former Empire returns.

    New Enemy:
    Core Army: All living people. Gears similar to the ancients but mixed with golden bronze, iron, and steel, and with a little more Ptolemaic stlye instead of the vanilla Ancient Undead’s celtic/germanic/roman style. No shield legionaries, all legionarie carry pikes in phalanx formation. No Honor Guards. Basic auxillians use javalins, daggersword/cleaver, helmet,and buckler shield.

    Auxilians: mostly they are the northern and southern commoners who bent their knees to the Ancient miricle-like magic. but also contains:
    The Promised: the northern hedge knights/ discrowned nobles who were promised to become the new noble by the empire’s governer.
    The Pardoned: the southern indebteds who are now under Empire’s graceful protection, while bearing the Empire’s new obligation(skirmish).
    The Oar: the returning empire’s default auxilians. When sailing, they oar, when fighting, they skirmish.

    Ballista: similar to Mortar, but shoots more frequently. Only appears in siege battle and Fleet Docking Site defending battle.

    New Magic:
    No undead magic, Empire’s priests cast moral boost/night vision/remove injury/range defense boost/melee defense boost/rage

    Battle Tactic:
    – Phalanx(legionaries): every 5~9 pike legionaries forms a small phalanx “box”, and press forward at the foe using 1st/2nd abilities of the pike.
    – Skirmish(the pardoned/converted commoners/oar): the lightly armored auxillians with anticipate perk charge ahead with javalin to skirmish the foe creating safe advance passage for the phalanx to advance.
    – Charge(the promised): simply charge ahead along with the javalin auxillians.
    – Spells: Priest spawn spells

    New Location:
    Fleet Docking Sites: Spawns around the shore. Looks like a Galley docking.
    Conquered Cities: City states that got conquered.
    Restored Holy Sites: Holy sites that got conquered. Generate commoner auxilian army.
    Empire’s Outpost: explained below
    Empire’s Siege Camp: explained below

    Crisis Mechanic:
    1. Spawn a limited number of Fleet Docking Sites on the shore all over the map;
    2. Each Fleet Docking Site spawns an Empire Reconquerer army composed with Legionaries, Oar Auxillian, and Priests;
    3. The reconquerer armies roam around the map, marching towards the nearest settlement. When it reaches road, and if its current xy coordinate don’t have any Empire’s Garrison around x’ distance, generate an “Empire’s Outpost” replacing the current reconquerer army; if it reaches nearby a settlement, generate an “Empire’s Siege Camp” replacing the current army;
    4. The Empire’s Outposts shall work like the vanilla settlements’ garrison;
    5. The Siege Camps shall siege the settlement and eventually take over;
    6. The conquered settlements shall now spawn Auxillian army depends on the local culture background and attack the unconquered settlements.

    Crisis Quests:
    – Intercept the bribery caravan: the so called Empire cultists are sending a caravan to X stronghold, I do not double the loyalty of the commander there, but why don’t you raid that caravan and take whatever they carry for yourself? No payment, but loot will contain Gold Bar or some other valueable items. Strong enemy. If failed, said stronghold will be conquered by the Empire.
    – Destroy Empire’s Outpost/Sieging Camp/Fleet Docking Site
    – Create a rebel in X City State
    – Take X Holy Site
    – Kill a Empire’s army with a Priest
    – Defend X settlement
    – Raid X conquered settlement
    – Destory a vampire den that visited by a empire priest.
    – The Empire raiding an Ancient undead site for some relic, you need to take that relic for me.

    Crisis Event:
    – The crucified southern/northern nobles/witchhunters.
    – Mass pilgrims marching towards empire conquered holy sites to witness the miricle cast by the priests
    – The northern barbarians fighting against the Empire as an old nemesis to each other
    – The greenskins got crushed down by the Empire
    – A historian talk about the history of the Empire in the marketplace but got arrested by X noble house
    – Someone talk about the davkul cultists got wiped out by the Empire in the history.

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