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    Hello, since I love the game, I decided to share some ideas for further profit.

    Defensive maps:

    Ruined castle:
    Battle map where you have all sorts of stone wall cover tiles surrounding the defenders and choke points between wall passages with a space inside, you know like a real old fortress would look like. Perhaps give the AI a bit of brain to defend those chokes instead of just rushing out of position. High ground walls for ranged units. Add easy movement tiles in the fortress so you don’t have to track through 3ap terrain. Could even replace some of the existing camps.
    Make it look like fortified places, with tree barricades and such. Different encampment types for different enemies, spider dens would have cobwebs (spiders can move through those ofc) you could cut down, as you move in to the main egg nest. Elf encampments, wait… FILTHY GAWBLIN! (goblin slayer ref) encampments would have destructible towers (like shield hit points CHOP CHOP CHOP!) that would have archers in them. Necromancers would have a pool of black magic in their fortress heart which would make sure that every zombie would get back up unless decapitated and would need to be destroyed in order to clear the map (please have mercy with fallen hero zombies on this location).

    Extra Effort:
    Add an ambition – The longer you stay camped the more fortifications get set up. Cool if you are waiting for that raiding party to comeback home. Add a chance of a raiding party returning during battle if you don’t deal with it.

    Add holy water to the temples, so you can buy it or better yet, refill some legendary magic flask that you can carry around and splash those filthy necros back to hell!

    Add something for those people that want to play after the crisis. For example forgotten castles with multiple layers of protective castle maps. You know something to actually test all that legendary loot, after the crisis has been dealt with.

    I think I would easily shell out up to 20eur for this EP. I’m sure you get the jest of the pack. Basically fortifications. If you decide to actually go for it, hit me up on my email. I would gladly help with the game designs.

    -01 <3

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