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    I’m sure this has been brought up before, but I have a specific culture in mind for a new faction. I’ve noticed on the map there is a coast for npc’s to travel through, which got me thinking of vikings sailing across oceans raiding foreign lands. I would actually like to see their Nordic culture implemented into the game.

    I also had mission and random event in mind for developers to consider. As you traverse the land you’ll see coastal towns and settlement you can interact with. I’ve selected the settlement where these random events and contract missions can take place in the image I’m posting. Back to business though, I’ll try to describe this as best I can.

    Random Event: Bloody Good Morning
    Takes place: Nearby coastal settlements
    Time: Morning or dawn
    During your departure you hear the sound of woman’s desperate scream for help from afar. Identifying the direction it was coming from you see black plumes of smoke rising to the sky drifting into the wind. In the distance you can hear faint screaming and clattering of weapons. Your men immediately spot the woman requesting for aid, behind her tail is a bearded man with his face covered in war paint wielding an axe flailing like a mad man.
    Option 1: Rush to the womans aid and fend off these foreign raiders
    Option 2: Flee the scene and avoid the conflict
    Viking Village Pillage

    Mission: Red Sand
    Takes place at the coastal settlement
    Time: Anytime(its an unprecedented invasion of a settlement)
    The lord informs you of the brutal attacks his people have been under and has grown tired and weary from battle. Most of his men perished during these attacks and the settlement has become nearly defenseless. The lord is willing to spend plenty of crowns for your men fend off these heartless raiders and drive them back. The lord only has one condition: To leave atleast one survivor amidst their ranks.
    Viking Beach Invasion

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    These images are off of google images by the way lol

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