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    Hello everybody. In the game we have “amulet” slot, but not much ways of it usage. On the other hand we get some new enemies and need some tools to defeat them. So I decide to propose some variants of new items for this slot.

    As development is near the finish line, any proposition of any major changes will be probably discarded by the development team. So I try not to cross simple-to-implement border.

    1) Fuel Oil
    Usage: In combat. Coat your arrow tips with oil. The next 4 turns distant attacks will put “burning” effect on the enemy or his shield(in case arrow hit the shield). Burning status cause loosing hp of target.

    Why we need it: it’s only one way to do any ranged damage to skeletons. Also it provide some kind of counter shielded-line tactic.

    Way to obtain:
    Market in city with any kind of smith or herbalist hut.

    2) Holy water
    Usage: in combat. Coat your weapons or arrow tips with holy water. The next 4 turns distant attacks will put “exorcism” effect on enemy. Exorcism status don’t allow to cast any spell: poisoned cloud, raise dead, etc.

    Why we need it: only one way to deal with new skeleton mage. Also great help in combat againist goblin shaman and necromancer.

    Way to obtain:
    Market in city with temple.

    3) Holy sign(cross or smth like this)
    Usage: Passive effect. Prevent holder to be swallowed. Prevent holder to be risen as zombie after the death.

    Why we need it: again, only one way to deal new high tier ghouls, if they have max size from very beginning of combat and ability to swallow your full hp and fully armored guy. Zombie protection just a logical bonus.

    Way to obtain:
    Market in city with temple.

    And it will be great if we get a possibility to buy goblin poison in city markets(e.g. with herbalist hut). It is a very good tool againist orcs but almost not used.

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