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    Good day folks!
    I am relatively new to the game, and even though I play it a lot, I didn’t manage to build a good duelist mercenary. I found a merc which would work i think, but I would like to ask for some advice on the perks:

    This is the plan:
    recovery – [free pick] – brawy – mastery:axe – underdog – battleforged – berserk – frenzy – adrenaline/quick hands – duelist

    free pick: I cannot think of a “must have” tier 2, choice, most likely I will take colossus or steel brow.
    Quick hands: with no shield equipped, a second row start (with a poleaxe) might make sense. (or adrenaline, I will pick recovery anyway).

    The questions are:
    1: what would you pick? adrenaline or quick hands?
    2: I would really like to pick also rotation, but unfortunately it is T3… What would you sacrifice to pick rotation?

    Thanks a lot for the tips!

    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    Just take student. You get perk back at 11 but you can skip one of the lower tier ones.

    Avatar photogalu

    That’s actually a very good idea… Not Battle Brothers related experience (fallout2/new vegas), but I usually skip XP/attribute perks like gifted or student. But to avoid an unnecessary pick it is a good choice. Thanks!

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