Topic: Nintendo Switch version control scheme of Battle Brothers needs to be improved!

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    Dear Developers,

    Yesterday I bought the Switch version of Battle Brothers and I am very dissatisfied with the control scheme. Besides that I experienced performance issues when zooming out on the world map. Please be aware that I only play in handheld mode on the Switch!

    Following a list of the controls I have the most pressing issues with and what the issues are. The higher up the issue is listed the higher is the priority:

    1. Left right keys on D-Pad selecting attacks in battle
    – The first click on whatever of the two buttons will not select the first attack but the second or last attack but should select the first attack.
    – After selecting an attack the mouse cursor stays on the attack button but should stay where it was when the user pressed the D-Pad button. The way it is now the player has constantly to move the cursor back to where the opponents pawns are to issue the attack. This way is very tedious on the Switch because mouse control simulation in general is rather clunky!
    – In general the D-Pad Buttons are not suited very well for controls you need as often as the ones for sekecting the attack. Better suited would be the shoulder buttons L & R.
    2. Left Stick press to activate/deactivate the tooltips
    – This button is uncomfortable to press if you need it often and one does so in Battle Brothers on the Nintendo Switch because screen estate is so small that if you have the tooltips enabled they often make the overview especially in battle rather difficult. Therefore I tend to activate them only for a second when hovering over something I need more detailed information about. A better suited button for this would for example be the left trigger. And best would be if the tooltip woul then only be shown as long as the button is pressed.
    3. Controls in recruitment dialog
    – AFter selecting a possible recruits on the left and then selecting anything on the right one can’t easily switch back to the character on the left which results in a lot of scrolling and switching and scrolling. Making recruitment very tedious.

    Besides that I realized a small and purely aesthetic issue when having the party screen open. The heads of the statues on the left and right of the dialog box have their heads cut off.

    Other than that the game still is fun to play but the issues described in this post do drag the overall fun down signifficantly! Therefore I hope that the control issue are addressed as soon as possible. Best way simply would be to implement custom key mapping and thereby let the player change the control scheme to his liking.

    Kind regards

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