Topic: No events during a (lategame-) crisis

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    So this bug is a bit frustrating to me:

    During a lategame crisis there are no more random events (at all). I have tested this during my 3rd crisis in a campaign when I had enough crowns to camp for 30+ days continuously without getting any random events. I did not even find a traveller and got the chance to not invite him to join our campfire!!

    The only thing I get are pop-ups “this village has been conquered” during noble house crises.
    Also, on a side-note these pop-ups are rarely accurate. It tells stories of conquered villages that have already been re-conquered, so the information is totally inaccurate aside from the very first of these messages.

    Please do something about this in a small fix when you get the chance :) cheers!

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    Fixed. Thanks for reporting.

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