Topic: No log entries for ranged attacks with inanimate blocking objects

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    If a ranged attack is blocked by an inanimate object, no entry for it is added to the combat log.

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    Just in case: in the battle log there is no information about the miss of a ranged attack if it hits the neighboring target (actually misses the primary target)

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    How ranged attack calculated?
    If blocked
    1st roll 100 for hitting the target chosen or the barrier, 50% to 50% for bullseye, 25% to 75% for none bullseye.

    2nd if successfully roll before 50 or 25, then will roll a number of chance to hit, only calculated by attack defence and modifier.

    3rd If 2nd successfully land then over, if not there is a chance, I guess it’s 16% for each adjacent tile, to hit nearby tiles. If there is anybody in that tile then do roll of chance to hit but generally add a -10% modifier.

    So, if you hit the barrier, whether it’s in the 1st or the 3rd step, there wont be any log file.

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