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    Longgggg term suggester here….

    There should be a Noble House contract where you assist the house defending a settlement or assist in a battle VS Barbarian horde/Battle Host of the North.

    I think a fight where allied with Footmen and Noble House Knights vs Thralls, Champions, Armored Unholds !!! EPIC

    This is an amazing in-game experience that cannot be missed PLEASE. We have all played Noble House vs Noble House battles that take a half hour or more and are so EPIC and memorable that we call our friends to tell them about it :) Now it is time for the Barbarian Northmen to invade… and it is time for our Mercenary Company HEROES to step in (and make some coin!) haha

    Please consider this one, your no.1 fan ForceEcho :))

    "A plethora of peasents"

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