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    I have several issues and totally failed to document them I am sorry.

    First issue, Noble house war starts, my company is working for the smallest of the houses and I choose to intervene against an enemy attacking one of their three outposts, after the intervention and my subsequent flight (got my butt kicked), I moved to the home castle when an event triggered asking if I wanted to attack refugees. I chose not to, and then clicked on the settlement immediately after, for some reason, a caravan of my ally was under my click and initiated a battle for no reason I can understand. this made a mess of my relationships accidentally taking the small town from allied to hostile and my noble house from very friendly to neutral.

    Second issue, I get the end the war quest and am told to go to the war camp, I go there and the dialog hangs. restarts reproduce it.

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    Can you send that shows the game hanging to, or zip it and attach it here?

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