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    Running game with the Oathtakers background, no mods installed, in windowed mode. Went to a town, arrived at night, and took a local mission to end nightmares. Took off my men’s armor, equipped swords, and then camped on the map to wait for the Alps to attack. Instead, the Oathbringers show up, so I pick one guy to fight them, and then say I’m done, and he’ll fight alone. Then, the screen prompt appears saying the Alps have arrived, I click to confirm, and then the screen comes up saying “You can’t make out who’s attacking you in time. You have to defend yourself!”, but I couldn’t select the “To arms” button. I could, however, click the “X” to cancel the quest, and once I did that, I could click “To arms”. It brought me to the battlefield to fight the Alps, with the pop-up window asking the standard “Cancel Contract” question. I couldn’t click on “Yes” or “No”, or my characters or the map, but I could use all key battle commands, and I could use the mouse to click on the battle GUI/buttons.

    While pushing different buttons, I pushed “R” to skip all my mens’ turns, as I wanted the Alps to attack and kill me. The window asking to skip all turns didn’t come up, but I mindlessly clicked on the “Yes” in the “Cancel Contract” window. It worked, the window went away, and the fight continued, but with no GUI/Battle buttons. Instead, it was just the map/battlefield. I fought the Alps, defeated them, and then got the text script for defeating the Oathbringers, including getting the jaw bone. My relationship with the town was negatively impacted, showing the quest had been canceled.

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    Ack! Just noticed I had the “Oath of Humility” at the time of this incident. Now, it says I have to uphold it for another 103 days! This is my first run with the Oathtakers, so not sure if this is normal after killing the Oathbringers, but it certainly jumped out to me!

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