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    I tend to remember my brothers by their background instead of by name / portrait (backgrounds I always read, but I skim over the names and the faces blend together). Going through each brother looking at their profession to try and figure out which one I lost is a tad tedious, and often doesn’t work. Perhaps the obituary can have their background too?

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    I would prefer a fully fledged stat screen. Just click on an entry in obituary and another dialogue with the character sheet opens, that would be perfect.

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    I had the same thought, but I also wanted to expand the obituary list to all the brothers that have left the company either by death, dismissal (whether compensation was paid or not), unhappiness or event (old age?). Because right now I’ve had to let go of couple of brothers who were really good but due to poor play on my part ended up getting some permanent disabilities and I wanted to retire them, but still be able to look back at their participation to the guild.

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    @dyslxeic I agree. It would be very nice if dismissed guys get remembered somewhere too. Once I get my campaign rolling, usually nobody dies anymore but I still dismiss my early grunts and hire better replacements.

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    I agree as well, would be nice to include member that were retired. I would also like to see their occupation and starting town and toughest kill listed. I think this would create a nice brief story of past mercs from your unit. Kinda like Gustav a farmhand from wolfenberg who killed a goblin overlord and had his head bashed by a young orc.

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    I agree, it would be great to have a more polished obituary, in which we could see the character sheet of the fallen, and all the opponents he killed, all that with pictures so that we can really remember our mercenaries (an his victims).
    Great games !!!

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