Topic: Oh! We are dead, again.

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    Saw the steam icon turning almost totally green, i waited, because that was the battle brothers’ update.
    opened it, started a new game, and 20 minute later get caught by a orc hunting party, 7 vs 7, took 3 of them, kicked their ass that hard, so some of them were even fleeing, yet they had one single reserved brute, totally crushed my line, took over the higher position, chopping heads and limbs. it was ended.

    fighting Hoggart seems to be easier, maybe its because im so pro :P
    graverobber now have that beautiful ancient armour on, hiring him made me almost broken
    cant wait to start another campaign, have to survive longer to see more feature. so glad i waited all along, so sure that the final release will kill.

    but dont like the BGM that much, it keeps replaying and you will get bored very soon. maybe give some decent silence between them could be better.

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