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    After few companies with different origins I got a question – what if we’ve lost all started brothers, how we still get origin bonus? Without beast slayers we get extra trophies and without raiders get extra loot.

    May be we should keep them alive like an Lone Wolf or otherwise we must “convert” all new brothers into our origin – even brave noble with deserters becomes chikenlike.

    Just idea for thinking about – how players feel that moment about origin.

    Avatar photobengarrett1971

    Maybe the starting brothers pass on their origin bonus skills to the rest of the company before they die…

    Avatar photoIoci

    I think it was the mercenary leader, the absent avatar, keeps all bonus. For example, the beast slayer origin has that map figure who looks like Geralt.

    By the way, I kinda wish to have a Necromancer origin, who kept 20 skeletons as his army. And after the battle, he could always resurrect some new to replenish the evil rank.

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