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    You may not know this from reading any of my feedback on the game. Not that it would mean much anyway but I felt the need to say. I am almost chronically unexcited about most of life. I’m a dysthymic, cynical human being that can ruin the liveliest of parties. Warhammer 3 release, Monster hunter DLC, potential stalker release. All a 2-4 on a 10 point excitement scale. I’ll play if I can, but they rate a “meh” at most. Will hit the snooze button on the day of release.

    But this Battle Brothers DLC has me hyped. You might even say Overhyped.

    New profile, old player.

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    you now realize that they will release this small free dlc that will hook you for a month or two at best and then focus on the new game possibly forever abandoning battle brothers
    there will be no new content from overhype for at least 2 yils and we have to somehow entertain ourselves and there are no guarantees that the new game will be as good as battlebrothers or that youll be alive by then considering there is a deadly virus going around that has like a 5% chance of killing you
    but yeah im still hyped for the new dlc and the new game

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    I am well aware, but it’ll be a good 2 months.

    Feels like they’ve been trying to shuffle away from BB for some time now, but even quality of life improvements coming with it will hopefully make the base game a joy to return to. I highly doubt the new game will grab me like this old stand out in my library does, but they were bound to move on to something new eventually.

    It’s bittersweet, and yea, unpredictable. Like many things in life.

    New profile, old player.

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