Topic: Oversight causing Nobles to be obsessed with greenskins

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    No mods, latest version, but this has been a problem that has been plaguing the game for a while.

    When a settlment situation is caused by an event or some camp in the vicinity, the game will offer the player a chance to clear it with a contract. However the Marauding Greenskins situation can only be removed through the nobles. Now, there is a civilian contract that does remove it
    …however, it is incredibly rare for it to be available for the player. I’ve never encountered it in my year or so of playing, and neither has anyone i’ve asked, it’s borderline unused content. Perhaps a certain amount of relations with the settlement needs to be built up before its offered similarly to the brigand/weider raid job, and since the player isn’t going to be allied with many towns and wants to start grinding up relations with nobles at this point, all of those Marauding Greenskins situations will get loaded off to the northen houses. And the situation will re-apply itself quite often if the camp isn’t destroyed. This causes their contract inbox to be filled up with Kill Marauding Greenskins/Destroy Ork Camp/Destroy Goblin Camp that all the other jobs become somewhat rare, and on certain seeds they will at times even ignore whatever the current crisis is and still ask the player to go destroy abandoned hovels with 14 goblins inside.
    The real issue, however, is the Greenskin invasion. Since it spawns new camps near civilization for orks and goblins and how Marauding Greenskins starts to cover nearly every settlment on the map, the noble houses get so many requests to clear the settlment situation that nearly all the jobs on offer become can genuinly be hard to find the contracts for the crisis. During the last 3 times I’ve had the greenskin invasion trigger, the only contracts that were about the actual crisis and not the generic 3 ones mentioned above are Ork warlord hunt.
    So please modify the raid contract requirements so the game can sort out the settlment situation without having it always go through the nobles, and increase crisis contract priority.

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