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    Horses and another rideable animals
    More tactics and battles can become more dynamic because enemies can use it too.
    Goblin Wolfrider exists, nuff said.
    Can make Battle Brothers more unique
    May make early or even mid battles boring and absurd
    May break balance very easily

    Battle Sisters
    Action girls in mercenary band, cool.
    More customization
    May require entire changing of game title
    Absolutely will require changing of default name

    Enemy will surrender if circled and dismoraled
    Maybe game little bit more realistic
    Add little amount of roleplay elements

    Avatar photoMike

    Horses were suggested n+1 times before, not gonna happen. Game is built around foot combat.

    Female fighters were suggested and considered, for now won’t happen due to time constraints. Maybe in some future expansion or mod?
    Even so, game name certainly won’t change because of that.

    Surrendering enemies would be a nice addition, but guess what… also suggested before already.

    Ideas are welcome but maybe spend a couple minutes searching before you start a topic with nothing new in it? Also, vague titles don’t encourage reading. Cheers.

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