Topic: Paid for Slaughtering an Indignant Militia on a Patrol Mission

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    — Accepted contract to patrol the roads and get paid for every head collected
    — Purchased bargain wildman for c. 100 crowns to aid the mission
    — Had a fight and killed 8 orcs (mission head count updated to 8); wildman took an axe to the skull but survived
    — After the battle, the wildman (instead of resting to heal his head wound) decided to go on the rampage in the adjacent settlement (ruled by the house that was hiring us) and had a shit in the store of a local tradesman (like one does)
    — The locals demanded 500 crowns as compensation, but that was about all I had in the kitty, and so I declined
    — The militia attacked us as we were leaving the town, and we killed all 10 of them
    — After this battle, the attitude of the noble house hiring us had turned to “Cold” (indicating that they had heard of the event), but the mission head count had increased to 18
    — We strolled down the road, back to the starting point of our mission, and handed over the heads (mostly slaughtered militia from the nobles’ settlement down the road) and were paid for them with no revenge or reprimand

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